New website to upload stats!

Finally!  Our new website has arrived, which allows you to upload stats from your iPhone or iPad, and view the statistics over time!

Check it out at!

Here are few of the features:

You now have the ability to view combined statistics over time!  This screen shows the total stats for a players last two matches.  Adjust the number of matches to see specific periods of time, or stats over the course of a tournament, or season.
Combined stats page

Another great way to see stats over time, is through the ‘Match by Match Graphs’.  Pick and choose specific stats to focus on.  The image here shows three matches played, with 1st Serve % and 1st Serve points won % displayed.  Easily add or remove stats using check boxes on the right side of the screen.

Match by match stats

A new (and extremely useful) page is the ‘Rallies Graph’, available when viewing an individual match.  If you have used the ‘Point Length’ toggle within the app, you will be able to see your % for winning the points based on the number of shots in the rally.  In the example above, the player won only 46% of the 1 – 5 shot rallies, and you can see there were no rallies that were more than 6 shots.  These charts are adjustable, so if you’d like to see the % won of 1 – 3, 4 – 6, 7+…you simply use the slider bar to adjust.

Rally length charts

Yet another useful chart at your disposal is the momentum graph, also available when viewing an individual match.  From here, you can see who has the momentum at any point during the match.  A number of coaches view 3 straight point wins as a momentum shift, and you can easily view these stats from the momentum screen.

Momentum chart

One final screen, is the ‘Overview’ screen which shows the wins / losses for the selected player.

Overall record page


Get in on the action, and improve your tennis game to new levels!  Sign up today at: