A camera mount for your arsenal

We just want to make you aware of My Tennis Tools, which offers an easy way for tennis players to mount a video camera on the fencing surrounding the courts on which they play.

Videoing your game is often a great way to pinpoint how you can improve — but when you don’t have someone to wield a video camera for you, what do you do? That’s why My Tennis Tools’s patented QM-1 Portable Tennis Camera Mount is a great thing to add to your arsenal.

Marty Coynes, head tennis coach of Bloomsburg University, put it this way on the MyTennisTools.com website: “This mount is so functional it puts to shame any others. It was designed by someone who thought it through. I paid over $200 for another mount that is a pain to use. With the QM-1, I just mark the mount [where to angle the bracket], and the kids can’t screw it up. We bought two last spring, and that’s why we just ordered three more. We do a ton of video work with our tennis teams, and these mounts are easy to work with and even harder to mess up with.”

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