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Know your strengths and weaknesses — and scout them in your opponents — with only a few simple taps on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. My Tennis Stats tracks hundreds of statistics for any tennis match, helping players, coaches, parents and tennis fans chart every performance.

My Tennis Stats Features

  • Tracking for everyone in a singles or doubles match.
  • Ability to track the path of the ball for each point!  See where your opponent hits passing shots, where they serve, where your double faults are, etc!
  • Customizable names of players and events
  • Ability to track over 100+ different stats for each player
  • Six types of set scoring, including 8-game pro sets and a 3rd Set Match Tiebreaker (10-point tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set)
  • “No-ad” scoring
  • Shot placement screens for serves
  • An “undo” function that will erase the last point played, and the associated stats. This is useful in case of a “let,” or inadvertent button tap
  • Full statistical reports showing a variety of strokes: serves, volleys, forehands, backhands and many others that are automatically calculated and stored
  • Statistical reports broken down by set and entire match
  • Game reports containing detailed point-by-point results. In cases of forgotten scores, this is very useful to settle disputes.
  • A full scoreboard that is always visible when entering stats
  • Toggling between viewing stats and entering stats with a single button tap at any point during a match
  • Ability to email recorded stats for the current match or any saved match to yourself, your opponents or to other interested parties
  • A built-in file management system for loading, saving and continuing incomplete matches
  • Automatically saves of matches and stats. Users also can delete “old” matches.
  • Ability to make notes before, during and after matches to remember things about the opponent, the game, the weather conditions — whatever you like.

Try It Free!

Would you like to try the application before buying it? Then check out My Tennis Stats Lite for free! You can download the application below from Apple’s AppStore. It has the same functionality as the full version — but also these limitations:

  • Only 20 points are allowed in each match.
  • Only two matches can be created.
  • There is no option to email match statistics.
Download My Tennis Stats Lite
Download My Tennis Stats
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My Racket Stringing

With My Racket Stringing, our mobile application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, your racket becomes a finely tuned instrument for tennis or racquetball.You can track the condition of those all-important strings so there’s no more guessing about they’ll make it through another important match.

Download My Racket Stringing

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