Wheelchair tennis tutorials to live by

Learning wheelchair tennis and getting valuable — and free — insight to improve your game recently became much, much easier.

Check out www.wheelchair-tennis.com, a dynamic site packed with online video tutorials about everything from basic and advanced strokes and mobility to choosing the right chair and maintaining mental toughness on the court.

It’s hard to find more expert instruction than this. One of the masters of wheelchair tennis, six-time World Champion David Hall, and his longtime coach, Rich Berman of Rich’s Tennis School near Boulder, Colo., teamed on this initiative, called “Let’s Roll.”

“Rich is the master at teaching the wheelchair game, (and) it’s a real honor for me to be involved in this project with him,” said Hall, who was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 2010. “I first started playing wheelchair tennis, to have something like this available would have been so helpful. Also, with tennis, you never stop learning, and ‘Let’s Roll’ covers all areas.”

Knowing that the online tools could be not only helpful, but inspirational, Berman said his chief focus is helping more people know they’re out there. Again, for free!

“Our hope is that all current and future wheelchair players and coaches worldwide will use ‘Let’s Roll’ as the foundation for learning and teaching this wonderful sport,” he said.

We at HD Software hope you, too, will spread word about this great resource. Again, you can find it online at www.wheelchair-tennis.com.

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